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With all the digital threats that exist nowadays, backups are a must for every business in order to avoid corruption or loss of data.

Any form of data corruption or loss can cause a company’s activity to be paralyzed and may even force the company to go out of business if the data cannot be recovered or if the recovery costs are higher than what the business can afford.

As a business owner, you should not be playing Russian roulette with your data and you should be having a well developed and implemented backup, recovery, and contingency plan.

At Palma Solutions, we offer Managed Backup plans to help business owners protect their data and ensure that both recovery and contingency protocols are in place in order to minimize downtime and negative impact in case of any form of data corruption or data loss.

Our Managed Backup service covers both local and remote backups and can either be used in association with the customer’s own storage or with our remote storage options.

To automate the backups and ensure their integrity, security and compression we employ state of the art software from both R1Soft and Veeam.