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At Palma Solutions, we know how important is for your business to be online at all times and thus we have several support channels available in order to address emergencies.

If you are a customer of our IT Management service on the island of Mallorca and you experienced a hardware failure or a catastrophic loss of data then you can reach us by phone at palmasolutions.tel at any time.

If you have an emergency regarding one of our cloud services or the Managed Server, Managed Website or Managed Backups service then please open a ticket using our helpdesk under https://helpdesk.palmasolutions.net.

If you have already opened a ticket and have not gotten a response in less than two hours then please feel free to call palmasolutions.tel.

Alternatively, if you have an IT-related emergency and you are not subscribed to any of our service plans then feel free to give us a call at palmasolutions.tel and we will gladly assist you further.