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A large number of businesses require technical support both for their customers and their staff which is why at Palma Solutions we are offering helpdesk support as well.

Our helpdesk support service can be completely whitelabel and we can deploy your very own ticket support desk, live chat system and also take incoming technical support calls using VoIP using your own branding.

This would basically allow you to provide technical support to your staff and customers without the need for an in-house technical support department and with only a fraction of the costs.

Because not all technical support needs are equal we have developed three different plans to help our customers choose the best for their business.


Additional Feature Costs:

  • € 1 per ticket response
  • € 2 per live chat response
  • € 4 per phone response
  • € 25 per hour for remote hands
  • € 20 per month for whitelabel

Additional Feature Costs:

  • € 0.90 per ticket response
  • € 1.80 per live chat response
  • € 3.60 per phone response
  • € 20 per hour for remote hands

Additional Feature Costs:

  • € 0.75 per ticket response
  • € 1.50 per live chat response
  • € 3 per phone response
  • € 15 per hour for remote hands