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In order to face the challenges of the current times, each company needs to run its very own IT department which can manage, monitor, fix and improve the performance of the staff and the company as a whole while also watching over the security and integrity of the data.

An IT department is indispensable nowadays regardless if we’re talking about a small-sized business or a fully-grown company.

However, sometimes, having an in-house IT department is usually costly so it is not a good choice for most small and medium-sized businesses.

Lacking an IT department is usually counter-productive and puts the data of the company and its customers at risk which is why IT management is a must for every company nowadays.

As a responsible business owner your goal should be to avoid IT incidents that can paralyze the activity of your company.

Here at Palma Solutions, we do just that.

We can manage, monitor, maintain and improve your entire IT department and we can definitely help you cut the costs implied by an in-house IT department.

We have our own technical support department with highly qualified and experienced professionals who can adapt to all our customers’ needs in order to ensure maxmimum efficiency, security and functionality.

To help you understand better what we can do for you and what are the actual costs, we have built three IT management plans:

This plan is suitable for all small-sized businesses with one server and up to 5 computers.

* Basic uptime monitoring
** 5 hours included per month
*** One emergency included per month

This plan is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses with less than three servers and up to 10 computers.

* Basic uptime monitoring and monthly pen-testing
** 7 hours included per month
*** Two emergencies included per month
This plan is suitable for medium-sized businesses with more than three servers and 10 computers.

* Basic uptime monitoring and bi-weekly pen-testing
** 10 hours included per month (7 hours during business hours and 3 hours outside business hours)
*** Four emergencies included per month

The main advantages of working with us are:

  • Guaranteed response times;
  • Travel expenses included (within the island of Mallorca);
  • Initial audit and free consultancy to help you improve the quality of your IT equipment and processes; 
  • Free hardware upgrades and replacement (components not included);
  • Free hardware cleanups of all equipment;
  • Extra services available in order to help you with all your IT needs;
  • Monthly diagnostics and optimization, backup health checks, network performance checks and Nagios monitoring, free consultancy, stress tests;
  • Maintenance and support for networking equipment and peripherals is included with all plans.
  • The average visit time is two hours.

Remote hands hours outside plan coverage are billed at € 30 per hour and emergencies outside plan coverage are billed at € 80 per hour.

The customer must own licenses for all commercial software used as Palma Solutions does not endorse the use and neither provides services for devices that run outdated software or use pirated licenses.