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IT Management

Let us take care of all your IT needs through our IT Management service. We provide on-site service on the island of Mallorca and off-site services via remote hands anywhere in the world.

Infrastructure Deployment

Are you interested in deploying a brand new IT infrastructure or want to rebuild and improve your existing infrastructure? If the answer is yes then we’ve got the solution for you.

Consultancy & Design

Do you need to upgrade your hardware or wish to improve your current hardware and software performance? Well, if you do then we’ve got the right solutions for you.

Business Continuity Solutions

Managed Backups

With so many security and integrity threats out there you should not rely blindly on luck. Let us manage your backups.


Your availability, reputation and data will be at risk from day one. We can reduce the risks by actively monitoring them.

Network Redundancy

Today’s customers won’t wait for you and to keep them happy you need a stable network. We can implement network redundancy for you.

High Availability

Avoid downtime and single-point-of-failure situations at any cost. We have effective high-availability solutions.

Incident Response

Did you experience an IT related incident? Let us minimize its impact and provide contingency solutions.

Disaster Recovery

IT disasters do happen and they should never be fatal. We have enough expertise to help overcome any IT disaster.

Server Solutions


We can manage your cloud or bare-metal servers in order to ensure maximum availability and performance.


We can perform maintenance on your cloud or bare-metal servers in order to make sure that things run smooth and stable.


At Palma Solutions, we can help improve the performance of your server’s services and applications.

Security & Prevention

Security audits, intrusion detection, security enhancements and even malware cleanups. We do it all!

Disaster Recovery

Suffered a hardware crash or data corruption? If you have full or partial backups we can help you recover the data.

Data migration

Do you want to upgrade your server , move to a different provider or switch from local to cloud? In this case we can migrate your data.

Website Solutions

Design & Development

Do you want to create a website for your business or give your existing website a new look? At Palma Solutions, we can build your dream website.


Most people think that building the website is enough, however, this is not true. A website requires proper management and updates in order to be secure and relevant.


Does your website need some improvements? If this is the case then, here at Palma Solutions, we can provide you with a maintenance service.


If your website runs slow or has poor performance then you’ve come to the right place. We can optimize your website for better performance and results.


Do you have an idea of a temporary or long-term project and you do not wish to build it from scratch? Check out our website leasing options.

Security & Prevention

Is your website affected by malware? We can clean all malware from your files and help you secure your website to prevent further intrusions.


Did you experience a severe data loss and you do not have any backups? We can help you re-create your site using existing data available.

Data Migration

Do you want to move your website to a new provider or simply upgrade your existing services? We can help you migrate all the data.

Domain Solutions


Got an idea? Register the perfect domain for you at competitive pricing. All gTLD’s, nTLD’s and ccTLD’s are supported and available.


Tired of your existing registrar and costly domain registration features? Transfer your domains to Palma Solutions for a better experience.


We’ve registered great domain names which can be leased to build even greater websites. Check out the domains available for lease.


Do you own a great domain and are looking to sell it? We can help advertise and negociate the best price for you.


If you have a domain name but don’t want to build a website just yet then we can help you park it and display a placeholder or ads.

Development & Scripting

Content Management Scripts

Having trouble with a content management script? Do you need someone to upgrade or improve it or do you simply need something fixed?

Turnkey Websites

We have several turnkey solutions that are ready to deploy. The websites are pre-designed and can be deployed with your content.

Custom Scripting

Do you need to automate something or need a basic script created in order to implement some basic functionality?

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Solutions

Although blockchain is fairly new, the technology associated with it has become more and more attractive for companies. At Palma Solutions, we can find the most suitable solution.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Do you want to charge using cryptocurrency? Maybe you don’t, but surely a large number of your customers want to pay using cryptocurrency so you should consider integrating it as form of payment.

Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization

If your website does not appear within the first pages of Google for non-branded keywords related to your activity you basically don’t exist online. We can fix that.

Search Engine Marketing

Thinking of marketing your products and services using contextual advertising? We can help build effective search engine / contextual marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Do you need an advertising campaign using demographic advertising? We can leverage the power of social media campaigns and help you build awareness and engagement.

Community Manager

You should focus on your business, not waste time posting on social media. However, someone needs to post too. Let us take care of this burdain for you.

Technical Support


We can provide basic and escalated technical support via helpdesk, livechat or phone to your staff and customers.

Remote Hands

Do you have a technical task and cannot handle it yourself? We can provide you with remote hands support in order to fix such issues.


If you need technical, procedural or security training then we’ve got you covered. We have flexible training programs.