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Consultancy & Design

Any IT related process starts with consultancy and design and at Palma Solutions, we have enough experience to guide you through building your IT infrastructure and helping you determine what setups, tools, and processes are best for you.

Most companies that offer IT related services use the word cheap in order to attract customers. Little do they know is that their customers don’t want to hear the word cheap when it comes to their data and neither need to make a cheap compromise when it comes to managing their data.

Actually, the first question that we ask every single customer of ours, before developing something for them, is: “How much do you think your data is worth?

If you know the answer to this question then we can help you either design an entire IT department, including the setups, tools, and processes required or help improve your existing IT department.

Our experience and expertise made us understand that each IT department should focus on three basic concepts:

  • Security;
  • Redundancy, contingency, and resiliency
  • Performance;

Therefore, we will do our best to help you build or rebuild your IT department on top of these three concepts.

Consultancy and design are FREE for all our customers that have an IT Management plan or have chosen our Infrastructure Deployment service.

The price for our consultancy and design service, outside existing plans referenced earlier, is €30 euros per hour or €100 per project.

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