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Incident Response

Although it may not seem likely computer and network-related incidents do happen very often and such incidents are the main cause of data and revenue losses.

There are two types of incidents that can paralyze or greatly affect the activity of a business.

Hardware & Software Failures

One of them is related to hardware or software failures which usually cause a certain degree of downtime.

These hardware failures are very common with obsolete hardware while software failures are common specifically after software upgrades.

When such an incident occurs, it is highly important to determine the cause and either replace the bad hardware if the issue is related to the hardware or patch the software in order for it to work properly if the failure is caused by the software.

Through our IT Management service, we are already prepared to respond to emergencies related to hardware or software failures and we can provide you with an effective solution in a timely manner.

Moreover, the IT Management service helps minimize the risks of hardware and software-related incidents due to periodic diagnostics of both hardware and software components as part of the service.

Outside our IT Management service, we can provide Incident Response services for both hardware and software related issues at a rate of €30 per hour for Remote Hands and €80 per hour for on-site emergencies.

Security Incidents

The other incident that can affect your business is a security incident and this can be either related to a data breach or data corruption/loss.

To minimize the impact of security incidents we provide our customers with services like Managed Backups and continuous Network and Security Monitoring.

However, security incidents can occur even if prevention measures are in place as most security incidents are caused by buggy software or weak credentials.

If you have experienced a security incident then we can certainly help out by performing an in-depth evaluation of the incident in order to determine the intrusion point and the extent of the data leakage or loss.

Once we have a clear image of the situation we can proceed with implementing mitigation measures in order to prevent the issue from reoccurring and as soon as everything is identified and secured we can proceed with compiling a report concerning the data leakage or restoration of the data in the event of data corruption or loss.

If you have already opted for our Security Monitoring service then we can provide you with security incident response services at a rate of €20 for Remote Hands and €50 for on-site emergencies.

If you are not using our Security Monitoring service then the standard rates apply at €30 per hour for Remote Hands and €80 per hour for on-site emergencies.

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