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Server Maintenance

Running your own server, regardless if it’s just a VPS or a high-end dedicated server represents a full time responsibility.

Since we know that you have other priorities and since maintaining IT staff on-site for such tasks is not a viable solution we are offering a full service server maintenance solution.

What’s covered through Server Maintenance?

Throughout server maintenance solution we provide the following:

  • Operating system updates and maintenance;
  • Software setup, configuration, and updates;
  • Data migration & recovery;
  • Security and integrity audit;
  • Malware clean-ups;
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Manual backups;
  • Resource usage optimization;
  • Hardware diagnostics;
  • Third-party script installation;
  • Firewall setup and maintenance;

… and there’s more…

Our server maintenance solution is not limited only to the above as a tailor-made server maintenance solution can be provided to you upon request.

Any server maintenance work outside the coverage listed on this page implies extra fees which will be calculated upon customer’s needs.

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