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Domain Leasing

At Palma Solutions, we have developed a great domain name portfolio and all domains from our portfolio are available for lease.

How does domain leasing work?

Well, it is pretty simple.

If you like one of the domains that we have in our portfolio you can rent that very specific domain in order to build a website on top of it.

Our leasing plans are flexible and you can choose between 3, 6 or 12 months lease.

There’s no fixed price for domain leasing as the pricing depends on the value and metrics of each domain, however, our domain portfolio lists all prices transparently below:

 If you have a cool idea you can also register a great domain with us

Domain leasing is suitable for both temporary or long-term projects and the initial lease price remains the same throughout renewal. 

We have no fine print and no hidden costs.

 Do you own a great domain name and want to sell it?

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