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High Availability

Nowadays a lot of businesses require High Availability solutions since nobody can afford downtime.

Server hardware is physically limited and although cloud solutions exist, not every business can set up a fully functional High Availability policy which ensures full redundancy for all services required by the company.

At Palma Solutions, we can help you identify and set up the solution that works best for you regardless if this means load balancing a front-facing service which only requires CPU and RAM or a backend service that implies data synchronization and replication.

Why would your business require a High Availability policy?

Well nobody likes to be late to the party and recent studies have shown that a difference of one second in page load has increased the sales of eCommerce businesses by more than 20%.

Can you afford to lose business because your site or application loads slow?

Most probably the answer to the question is NO.

Our High Availability service starts at € 100 per website/application and does not include any cloud resources required.

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