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Infrastructure Deployment

If you are looking to build an IT infrastructure then we can help you design it, and we will build it for you based on your specific needs.

All IT systems rely on the network and networking equipment as its core backbone which is why, at Palma Solutions, we use modern tools, high-quality equipment and state-of-the-art methods in order to build networks that run perfectly.

We have already developed and installed network connections, wired and Wi-Fi in various locations, indoors, and outdoors, and we currently have a broad experience in projecting and deploying the infrastructure for local networks.

However, our infrastructure deployment service is not limited to just building the network as we can also:

  • – mount all server and networking equipment (switch, patch panel, etc.) in the rack;
  • – install and configure Internet redundancy using existing wired connections and 4G antennas;
  • – install and configure firewalls and other networking equipment;
  • – install and configure servers (Windows, Linux) and associated client-server applications;
  • – install and configure workstations and associated client applications (Windows, macOS, Linux);
  • – install and configure local cloud environments (VMware, Hyper-V), virtual machines and self-hosted applications;
  • – install, host and configure remote cloud environments (VMware, Hyper-V), virtual machines and self-hosted applications;
  • – install and configure on-site and off-site backups;

All infrastructure deployment work is subject to a €45 hourly fee.

* The customer must own licences for all commercial software used as Palma Solutions does not endorse the use and neither provides services for devices that run outdated software or use pirated licences.

** Service available on the island of Mallorca or anywhere in the world if the customer covers travelling expenses.

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