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Network Redundancy

One of the most common related network issues that our customers face is downtime caused by either connectivity issues with the ISP, DDoS attacks targeting the peering routes used by the ISP, hardware failure or infrastructure sabotage.

Sometimes this downtime can last for days and this is not only counter-productive but can also cause major losses in sales and business opportunities for businesses that do not have a plan B for such situations.

Therefore, to resolve this issue and minimize downtime as much as possible, at Palma Solutions we have developed network redundancy solutions that imply the use of 4G antennas as backup links along with the existing wired connections.

Moreover, to ensure that the network does not require any additional intervention or configuration once the main connection starts to fail we use load balancing devices to prevent any potential failures and avoid the need for additional intervention.

We are well aware that there are already some ISPs that offer backed up connections, however, we advise against using a backup connection that depends on the same peerings as the main connection as in most situations a failure with the main connection would be accompanied by a failure with the redundant connection and the end result is eventually downtime at extra cost.

All redundant networks should use connections that employ different uplink routes to avoid SPoF (single-point-of-failure).

At Palma Solutions, we can help you resolve unpleasant situations and prevent any negative impact on your business by setting up Network Redundancy for you at a cost of €200*.

* ISP costs, load balancer hardware and cables not included in the price.

For businesses that also employ the DNS (Domain Name System) for their services, we can offer DNS redundancy by propagating their DNS zones on our redundant and multi-geographic nameservers at a rate of €1 per DNS zone per month.

DNS redundancy is FREE for all customers with an IT Management plan or which use any of our Managed Hosting plans.

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