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Catastrophic loss of data is not very common nowadays due to the existence of better hardware, better software and overall better prevention policies.

However, with the growing threat of ransomware, the continued exploitation of obsolete hardware (especially hard disk drives) and other unrelated events such as theft or calamities the disaster recovery protocols are a must for every company.

To help you out in case of a catastrophic loss of data we can perform an overview of your data in order to determine the key points, the liabilities and the ways in which the data can be secured.

Once we have all the details we can help you implement Managed Backups and establish key protocols that will be followed in order to minimize the loss of data and maximize the chances of a successful recovery.

If you already have our Managed Backups service and all backup retention points are intact then a successful restore can be carried out through the service, free of charge, as per the service terms.

However, if you do not have any form of protocols or backup policies in place and you have lost data then we can still help you recover it (if possible).

Raw data and filesystem recoveries are possible if the hard-drive storing the data can still be accessed and it does not have severe mechanical defects. The cost of this service is €1 per GB of data retrieved.

NOTE: The raw filesystem and data recoveries cannot be carried our preferentially as the data is restored in bulk as found on the disk partitions. Therefore the cost of the restoration depends on the total drive capacity. For instance, the raw filesystem restore of a 160 GB drive would assume a cost of €160.